Kids Science Labs

At Kids Science Labs, we want to enable the next generation of creative thinkers and science is a tremendous vehicle for learning how things work, especially for children 2-12 yrs old.  So we built learning and discovery labs that are open six days a week, all year long, including summer to investigate, create, and innovate.

Every class we teach starts with a question to explore and we focus on guiding kids to find answers using our own unique hands-on science curriculum, instead of just telling them something abstract in a science book.

At Kids Science Labs, we believe strongly in a set of core values that are focused on creating an environment for safe discovery and many opportunities to ask questions for kids.  We also know how important having engaging and knowledgeable teachers are to the learning process, so we sought out the best hands-on educators to help us deliver our dynamic and interactive curriculum

Phone: 224-513-5043